Dangers of Ignoring God

By Michael on October 10, 2019 1 Comment

Do you remember being a child and ignoring your mom or dad when they were calling you?  Maybe you just wanted to put the finishing pieces on your lego masterpiece or finish the next chapter of the captivating book you were reading or win the game you were playing.  Surely, you had very good reason to ignore your parents. Whatever they wanted couldn’t have been as important as whatever preoccupied you.

After having reared my children for over twenty years, I see things quite differently.  I now have a very different perspective.

We used to have a saying around our house that goes like this: “Delayed obedience is disobedience.” Applied here, refusing to come when you’re called is disobedience.

Parents don’t call their children for no reason.  A quick response from the child is both appropriate and expected.

This holds true for God’s call in our lives also, only more so.  But what excuses we concoct!  Armed with years of living, we have much better excuses than we did as children with our parents.

Yet an excuse is still an excuse.

Below are a few things that happen when we ignore God’s call.  This isn’t an exhaustive list, but these are some of most important consequences.

Number One- We lose lose fellowship with God.  God’s call is not just a task for us to do.  It’s an invitation to be a part of what He’s doing.  We are closest to God when we are walking in our callings.

He doesn’t call us to do things without going with us Himself.  When we are obeying His call, we are living in the fullness of His presence.

If you are having a hard time finding God or feeling His presence, most likely you’ve chosen to do your own thing instead of answering His call.  If you want to experience His presence again, drop what you’re doing and figure out where you missed the turn or where you choose to ignore His call.  Surrender to Him and respond to Him with obedience.  His presence will immediately flood in.

Number Two- We live subpar lives.  Living God’s call for your life is anything but boring.  God’s not a boring God.  He is a living and active God.

If your life is boring, you’re probably not obeying God’s call on your life.  Consider the things God asked people in the Bible to do.  He called them to build big boats, demand the most powerful king on earth release his race of slaves, drive out enemies, slay giants, build tabernacles, walls, and temples, heal the sick, drive out demons, take the gospel to the ends of the earth.  .  .

That’s just a small sampling of things God called people in the Bible to do.  There’s nothing boring there.

Now God’s plan for you may not involve standing before kings and presidents, but it may.  Regardless, it will not be boring because it will require faith and it will take more than you have.

Number Three- We leave room for bitterness and disappointment.  There’s nothing worse than to come near the end of life and realize that hardly anything you did mattered.  Even if you live a “good life” whatever that means in your mind or others’ minds, you will have bitterness and disappointment if you don’t pursue God’s call on your life.

I’m not saying that you will lose your salvation and hope of eternity. Still, there is the possibility of a wasted life.

I Corinthians 3:10-15 gives a strong warning about the possibility of having our lives’ works burned up.  This occurs for those who don’t build on the foundation of Jesus Christ.  It is clearly talking to Christians because verse 15 says that the person himself is saved, but what he did results in nothing eternal.

How does this tragedy occur?  It occurs when one ignores God’s call on his or her life and he does his own thing instead of doing the work God calls him to do.

Building on the foundation of Christ means doing that which God calls us to do.  If we ignore God’s call, we build on a foundation of our own flesh.  That which is done by the Spirit will last forever.  That which is done in the flesh will not last.

So, those are some dangers of ignoring God’s call to you.  Please don’t be ignore God’s call and fall prey to these dangers.  God’s call to you is exciting and wonderful.  As you pursue it, He will be with you enabling you to live an extraordinary life that has eternal impact.

  1. Chinelo Ezenwa says:


    I just read this article and found it inspiring. I am at a stage in my career where I wonder if I missed God’s calling and whether I can get it back. I got a 6 months contract job at the beginning of this year which required my moving to another state where the company has provided accommodation. I was supposed to work as an M&E Officer on a development project that required travelling. One of the states I was to travel to had been prone to terrorist attacks in the past. A task came up for me that required travelling with the project team to this place where I have read a lot from the media about past terror attacks. When I asked about the security plan, my supervisor assured me that there were specific towns that were prone to these attacks not every place as the media projects. She told me the places we were visiting had been picked carefully and that they were also going to be travelling with police escort. I was not fully convinced. Before now, my contract clearly states that there are no provisions for life insurance and health insurance cover. This knowledge amplified my fears and I was not sure if I should take on this trip since the company was not even committed to any form of insurance for employees who would be travelling to such a state. For more clarity, I spoke with my parents on the matter, they immediately said no I should not go. I spoke with an aunty who works with USAID, she said it was quite a risky place to visit. The purpose of the visit was to enroll poor farmers on our messaging platform which would provide them with instant messaging on best farming practices for improved yield. I went back to my supervisor and asked if there was a way I could provide support to the project team from the office; she said no. The matter was taken up to management, whom i told I did not have the approval of my family and that it was too risky. I was advised to resign if i could not fulfill this obligation. My parents said it is ok; i should resign; I will get another job. I ended up resigning in the midst of all the confusion. I have not been happy since I made this decision and I have cried for many nights. I felt I needed to hear from my parents; like I needed their blessing as a sign I should take this risk.

    I have always wanted to work in the development sector; I feel so sad now I am back to looking for another job. My experience so far has been in operations, research and statistical analysis. I have second plans of getting certification in accounting but truth be told, my heart is not in it. I think accounting provides a stable career and stable finances till one gets old because they are always in demand.

    Today I wonder if i should have taken this risk; as I type now I have not spoken to parents for a while because I feel deep resentment towards myself and also towards them. I wonder if I missed God’s call.

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