COVID-19 and Your Call

By Michael on July 2, 2020 0 Comments

As most of the world is on lock down due to the Coronavirus pandemic, now’s the perfect time to take an assessment of our lives. Whether you are still working or not, you most likely aren’t going about “business as usual.” At the very least, you aren’t eating out (take out only), attending church or Bible Studies, or hanging out in public. At the very most, perhaps you have taken up residence in your doomsday bunker and aren’t halfway through your first barrel of rice yet. Perhaps you have gotten the virus or a loved one has. Maybe you’ve even have lost someone to the virus.

While the threat of severe illness or even death isn’t pleasant, the crisis is an opportunity to evaluate what really matters. The hamster wheel has stopped or at least slowed down long enough for us to ponder our lives. Hopefully, that involves a lot of prayer and growing closer to God. That is really the best opportunity we have during this time. To seek God earnestly.

We often get so busy living that we take many things for granted. Our relationship with God is one of those things. Even if we still go to church, small groups, Bible Studies, or other Christian activities, we can actually be drifting in our walk with God.

A while back we called it “backsliding.” I haven’t heard that term much recently. One of the diagnostic definitions states that if there was ever a time you were closer to God than you are now, you are backslidden.

Now is a great time to spend some quiet time with God. Perhaps you’ve allowed things to creep in that you need to confess and repent before Him.

It’s also a time where you can simply seek Him and His plans for your life. If you are a born-again believer, your life is not your own. You are bought with the blood of Christ, and you belong to God.

Part of God’s ownership is His right to direct our lives. Maybe you’ve barely even considered that. If so, perhaps you need to spend some time asking Him what in your life is not right or according to His plan for you.

If we are His, we are also called according to His purpose, meaning that there is a call on each of our lives. Have you ever truly considered His call for you? Why are you here? What is His purpose for you?

This is a great time to consider these deeper things. Maybe what seems to be a terrible time is actually a blessing in disguise. Maybe this is a time you can look back on and say “That’s when everything changed for me!”

We’re here to help you Live Your Call. Reach out to us if you need anything.

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