Am I Called?

By Michael on September 17, 2019 0 Comments

Let me ask you a question.  Are you called?

Hopefully you answered “yes” but if you are like many you either aren’t sure or don’t think you are called.

This is mostly because there is a huge misunderstanding about calling.  Many think that calling is only for special people like preachers, evangelists, and maybe musicians and singers.  Basically, there’s this idea that calling is really only for full-time ministry or at least those who could be full-time given the right circumstances.

I beg to differ with that though.  I stand for the proposition that everyone of us has a calling, from the “greatest” of us to the “least” of us.

You see, God is a purposeful God.  He doesn’t just create things for no reason.  He creates with purpose and meaning.  From the smallest creatures to the greatest, He made each with a specific purpose.

Moreover, Scripture tells us that mankind is the crown of His creation.  That means among other things that we have a greater purpose that the rest of creation.

Even more so, each of us is unique.  Even twins are so unique that those who are close to them can easily distinguish between them.

Why the specificity? Why the uniqueness?  Could it be because God has a plan for each of us? Absolutely!

God’s plan includes a calling tailored for you.  Others may have a similar calling, but no one else can fulfill your exact calling because no one else is you.

That is the place to start.  God has a call for you.  God has a purpose for you.  Believe that and make it your life’s ambition to know God’s call and to live God’s call.

If you do, I promise you will not live a mediocre, boring life ever again!

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