Abundant Living

By Michael on September 29, 2019 0 Comments

Most of the time we just go about our day doing the things that are before us.  Many of these things are good things.  Every now and then though, we have some moments of clarity when we question if our lives are truly amounting to anything.  In those moments we may wonder if we are missing something and question whether we’re doing the things that we should be doing or if we’re only going through the motions.  If we aren’t careful we may find ourselves living a life we don’t really want to live and doing work we really don’t want to be doing.

There’s even a bigger issue.  We need to bring God into the equation.  We are created beings who have a great Creator.  As such, we have to consider His plans and purposes.  Sadly, most people including Christians, don’t really (or at least solely) consider God’s will as they build their lives.  Even those who do pray for and seek God’s will often end up frustrated because they didn’t hear from God when or how they wanted.

In absence of divine guidance, we often make choices based upon our personal preferences and limited knowledge. When we do this, we end up with ordinary lives and are pretty much just like everyone else.

That’s a shame because according to the Bible Jesus came to give us abundant lives (John 10:10).  Now that doesn’t mean we will all be fabulously wealthy.  But it does mean that God intends for us to live lives different from the norm.  There should be an element of the supernatural in our lives that isn’t present in the lives of the “godless masses.”

God intends to bless His people to show His glory in the earth.  God wants us to live lives that show Him in a skeptical, unbelieving world.  That only happens when we surrender ourselves to Him and delight to only do His will.  As Matthew 6:33 exhorts us, we are to seek first His Kingdom.  As we do that, He adds “all these things” to our lives.  “All these things” in context means the things for which the world strives so hard – things like food, clothes, shelter, transportation.  These material things aren’t to be the focus of our lives.  They are things for which we look to God.  God promises that He will take care of us if we do His will.

That’s how to live abundantly.  Seek God’s Kingdom first.  Live in His supply.  When we do that, we will have extraordinary lives.

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