Why is there a disconnect with most Christians between their faith and their work lives? Why are so many Christians doing unsatisfying work that barely allows them to get by and limits the expression of their faith? 

We spend a significant amount of our best hours at work. Not only that, add in the commute time, lunch time, and time we think about work when we aren’t working, our work often dominates our lives. God, the body of Christ, family, and friends get the leftovers. 

Could it be that our jobs are idols? Is it possible to seek first the kingdom of God when we are so tied up with work? 

At Living Your Call we are helping Christians flip the script on work by creating businesses that allow them to align their work lives with their faith. 

Living your call means hearing God’s call in our work/professional lives and letting him be Lord there. We recognize that when we let God lead us, we can redeem our work time and use it to change lives, be who God has called us to be, and adequately provide for our families.

If you’re ready to work faithfully and differently, check out the site and get on our list.

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